Ice Damp Prevention

How To Get Rid Of Icicles

Dirt, dust, victims from accidents, pits, panel slums and much more today is perceived as reality. This is a critical mistake manager and ordinary people – blurry vision and recognition of the surrounding problems with corruptible rule destroy people (gradually or immediately – it does not matter). Many problems can be solved quickly due to the correct design of space, but instead, we are at best trying to deal with the consequences.

About dirt with dust, dangerous streets or harm of the same type of building already wrote. Yesterday I received a letter to the post with a request to tell about another problem of Russia – icicles. We do not have a culture of drainage, because of which roads are destroyed, people break down limbs, or have to wash clothes from splashes and dry their shoes regularly. As you know, this problem is solved – a small one-time reconstruction will save on maintenance or even save several lives. Further the text of the letter without editing, and in the end one more way to keep the streets from icicles.

You could not make a post about where icicles come from?

It turns out that most city dwellers and even officials do not know this, and this is just the case when the problem can be solved by informing.

It has already been eight years since the famous speech of the former governor Valentina Matvienko about knocking the icicles with a laser:

Then everyone paid attention to the words “suckers” and “laser,” but no one paid any attention to the fact that the chief city official suggested developing technologies to combat the investigation and not the cause of the disease.

How To Reduce Heat Input:

Replace the heater on the floor of the attic or add the layer on top, for example, mineral wool, warm the pipes of the heating system well, put a stable door so that the air does not rise from the stairwell.

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